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Three Peaks

This weekend I did the Three Peaks challenge. At six o'clock on Thursday I dashed round the corner and jumped into a Ford Galaxy with three other dads from Maple School. It wasn't a clean exit as the kids came home with Joanne just as I ran out of the door. Jamie was really upset apparently as I didn't get the chance to say goodbye. Helen just missed me and she was also upset.

We flogged it up to Warrington where we stayed in a Travelodge with adjacent truck stop. We had our dinner in the self service food hall followed by a lager shandy in the truckers bar. It was pretty grim. We were the only drinkers not wearing a corporate trucking uniform and in the small minority without massive beer bellies. One of our guys was wearing sandals and another ordered a G&T. I have probably watched too many films but I did worry that the truckers might abduct us as this point to use as their playthings.

The next day our driver got us up to Glasgow where we picked up our fourth team member and de facto leader. We then made our way to Ben Nevis, stopping briefly for a very tasty burger at Loch Lomond and again for some heavy traffic. We got to Ben Nevis just before half five. We spent a few minutes preparing and then set off dead on 17:30.

It had been a cracking day weatherwise and I had worn my sunglasses at Loch Lomond. Ben Nevis doesn't work like that so as soon as we started it began to rain. We made good progress on the ascent but by the halfway mark is was very poor visibility and stinging rain. We made it to the top in two hours by which point my fingers were so numb I couldn't operate my camera. I had failed to pack a hat or gloves (it had been an uncomfortably hot week). We rushed back down the mountain with only a minor pause when I slipped and banged my knee. The pain was intense and I really thought my race was over but after a few minutes it subsided and I was able to continue. We made it back down very quickly in an hour and a half, catching the other two teams who had a half hour head start on us!

At the bottom of the mountain I had to take all my clothes off (by the side of the road) as I was soaked and then we all piled in to rush down to Scarfell Pike. It was damp and unpleasant and my knee was pretty painful. I applied ibuprofen gel, freeze spray and deep heat but it kept on waking me on the long drive to Cumbria.

We got to Scarfell about four am and found no parking spaces. Our driver stuck the car at the side of the road and we had a brief (and for my part, unpleasant) breakfast. The other Maple teams started at least ten minutes ahead of us. We then rocketed up Scarfell which was very busy and compared to Nevis, very easy. It was still cold and unpleasant on top but I never even put my waterproof jacket on. We messed around for a few minutes on the peak taking photos and then were off.

We got to the bottom about ten past eight in the morning and headed off to Snowdon in Wales. Our driver did not get a lot of sleep (if any) during these breaks. He must be a machine as his driving was calm and accurate with great navigation throughout.

We got to Snowdown about 12:30 after a delay caused by an accident which forced us onto back roads. It was quickly up the Pyg Track to the summit. The last part of the ascent on the Zig Zag was pretty exhausting and then it was straight down again via the Miners Track. I found going downhill, clambering over stones very hard going on my knees and my guts by this point. We got to the flatish section of the Miners track and from there it was easy. We romped in at 23:13:44, beating the other two Maple teams whom both came in within the twenty four hours.

It was an excellent and slightly disorientating experience that I am not sure I would rush to repeat but I am glad I did it.

I slept like a log Saturday night and then went up the Miners Track again with Helen and the kids (and a large group of others from Maple). This time the weather was fowl. We were soaked to the skin and the winds were gusting at 80mph in the valley. We made it to the second lake but were forced back. Edith and Tom were both screaming and it was impossible even to see the rain was so hard. I was still damp six hours later when we finally got home!