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Obi-Wan's time was up

Jamie got the original Star Wars trilogy for his birthday yesterday. He has watched all of the clone wars cartoons so Obi-Wan, R2D2 are all familiar friends. Today we watched Star Wars. The stream of questions was unceasing. "Why are the goodies (Storm Troopers) on the bad team now?", "Why is Obi-Wan so old?". We got to the fight scene between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan and Jamie couldn't quite believe that Obi-Wan got killed. He was a little upset and sat there quietly for a few minutes until I thought he was just watching the film when suddenly he announced "Obi-Wan was quite old.". I asked why this was significant, was it that an old Obi-Wan being cut down by Darth Vader's light sabre was okay? "Yes, he was old so he would have died soon anyway.". He perked up after that.
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