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Dada is the new mama

Helen went away for the weekend leaving me with Tom and Edith. Tom has being saying Dada for a little while now and I was a bit nonplussed when I visited my mum's cousin and he started calling me mama. I just thought he had given up using dada for a while until Helen got back. He was very pleased to see her (ear to ear grin) but he insisted on hugs from me and still called me mama and didn't seem to call Helen anything. I couldn't work out if he associates 'mama' with whomever is supplying food and hugs today or whether he was punishing Helen for abandoning him.

Tom was poorly all weekend with a high temperature. He hit 38.8c on Saturday night. I was taking it all in my stride until I used the fancy thermometer Helen bought and it started screaming and flashing red danger high temperature. Its funny how having some figures can totally change your perception of a situation, correctly or otherwise. I rang the on call doctors to check out how I was supposed to double up Calpol and Neurofen and spent all of Saturday night getting up and administering more medicine. He was still hot on Monday morning but Helen reported him much better by that evening.

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