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First really long run

After a week where I was seriously considering throwing in the towel for my autumn marathon I actually managed a long Sunday run! I was hoping to do twenty miles but only managed eighteen in the end. It was hot and I ran out of water which didn't help so I walk the last two miles rather than push myself and spend the rest of the day puking.

It was a glorious morning at first, not too hot or cold and no wind or rain for a change. I stopped (naughty but what the hell) for a few moments when a flight of three large civilian helicopters came over and again to watch to largish brown hawks chasing each other through the trees in the woods. The hawks were making very odd keening sounds and I was able to watch them for a minute or so. I am not sure what they were. Too small for buzzards I think and they looked too large for Sparrowhawks though I think the female Sparrowhawk is pretty chunky.

Going along the disused railway alongside the river Lea (which looked beautiful and was full of big fish) I came across a large tree that had come down in the recent storms and had blocked the path. A family was cycling the other way so I did my good dead for the day and helped the dad get the bikes over.

I did quite a hilly route and as I was climbing the steep hill coming out of Wheathampstead I caught up with a group of cyclists. I had been running for two and a half hours and covered fifteen miles at this point but the temptation was too great so I pushed that little but harder and passed the stragglers on the hill. Joy! One of the tail enders took exception and started working up thru his gears and putting a real effort in. He managed to draw level with me briefly before dropping well behind. Come the brow of the hill even the crappest came whizzing past. I even had the breath to swap pleasantries with the guy I had past. If they had hung around they would have had the last laugh though. I only managed another few hundred metres before the effort caught up with me and I started to feel much worse for ear with stomach cramps and jelly for legs. It was all downhill (performance wise) from there.

No real damage afterwards other than a nasty sun / dehydration headache which lasted until Monday. I feel asleep for half an hour after the run and that was enough to ruin my nights sleep (along with visits from Jamie and Edith). I felt like shit the next morning. I wasn't too stiff though and managed an okay 43 minute run in to work on Tuesday but a pitiful 44 (six minutes slower than the previous week) minute run back in the evening.