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Down the ditch

Jamie, Tom (in the backpack) and I went for an explore in Beeches Bottom, a prehistoric (50 B.C) earth work that runs from St Albans to Wheathampsted. You can't see it from the road so even though its in a pretty built up area you would never know it was there. It is massive. It must be about 15m deep with sheer sides. You can really imagine it being a pretty effective defensive again invaders. Nobody seems to go down there which is why we surprised a bunch of teenagers who seemed like they were pretty off their heads on some drug. Ooops. They seemed quite posh and they didn't seem to notice us so we pretended not to notice them. We then climbed down the earthwork and walked along the bottom. This was a bit of a mistake since its very overgrown with nettles and brambles. We all (even Tom) got multiple stings wounds. My legs were still throbbing hours later. Jamie was very brave and Tom seemed pretty chirpy through the whole thing. We then had to find our way out. It looks pretty impressive from the top. It looks bloody impossible to climb from the bottom. We finally made it out on the other side, hanging on to tree roots etc. only to find a massive fence blocking our way. We then had to go back down and scale the other side. Exciting stuff. We walked along a little further and I noted that there is a ramp at the end for ease of access....

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