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Marathon training starts here

I started marathon training this week. I have chosen to run the Leicester Marathon which is just over 15 weeks away so a good target for the standard length training plan. I hacked together my plan based on the FIRST reduced mileage schedule. It will needs lots of refinement but is a good starting point.
Off to a good start. I ran 16 miles on Sunday. Unfortunatly since it was a very hot day I got back and puked. I was feeling sick then Edith jumped on me, twice. I then retreated to the bathroom for safety and was greeted at the door by a cheerful Jamie who announced that he had 'Just done a great big poo.'. The stench was more than I could take and I lost my lunch.
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Jamie's new pet

Helen let Jamie choose a plant at the garden centre. He chose a Venus Fly Trap. When I got back he and Edith were running round the garden trying to catch flies with it. Every few minutes there would be squeals of "There's a fly, quick, quick". Helen convinced them to put the plant down and let it go about its business unaided. Just then a big house fly buzzed past into the kitchen. I was holding a tea towel and managed to flick it in mid air. It dropped like a stone very satisfyingly. Jamie scooped it up in a tea spoon and fed it to his new pet. How sweet.
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Down the ditch

Jamie, Tom (in the backpack) and I went for an explore in Beeches Bottom, a prehistoric (50 B.C) earth work that runs from St Albans to Wheathampsted. You can't see it from the road so even though its in a pretty built up area you would never know it was there. It is massive. It must be about 15m deep with sheer sides. You can really imagine it being a pretty effective defensive again invaders. Nobody seems to go down there which is why we surprised a bunch of teenagers who seemed like they were pretty off their heads on some drug. Ooops. They seemed quite posh and they didn't seem to notice us so we pretended not to notice them. We then climbed down the earthwork and walked along the bottom. This was a bit of a mistake since its very overgrown with nettles and brambles. We all (even Tom) got multiple stings wounds. My legs were still throbbing hours later. Jamie was very brave and Tom seemed pretty chirpy through the whole thing. We then had to find our way out. It looks pretty impressive from the top. It looks bloody impossible to climb from the bottom. We finally made it out on the other side, hanging on to tree roots etc. only to find a massive fence blocking our way. We then had to go back down and scale the other side. Exciting stuff. We walked along a little further and I noted that there is a ramp at the end for ease of access....

Feeling terrible - electrolyte imbalance?

I have been feeling terrible for over a week now. My head spins when I stand up, I am exhausted all of the time except after dinner my heart rate seems to be higher than normal and my vision is blurred sometimes. I was searching the web and one of the causes of dizzyness and the other symptoms is dehydration. No chance of that. In order to counter my general bad habits in staying hydrated in the summer and my dry skin I have been drinking two litres (at least) of water a day. One of the other causes is an electrolyte imbalance. I am pretty sure you can get an electrolyte imbalance by drinking too much... Oops. My symptoms certainly started pretty much the day after I started with the water. I probably havent helped matters by cutting all meat (lots of fish though) out of  my diet suddenly.

Tooooo full

Helen has gone into London to see a show with her sister and mum leaving me to look after the kids. (She was out on the razz last night as well, the bligher). I am pretty exhausted and quick to anger. Tom and Jamie both played up (Tom was missing mummy, Jamie was being Jamie). To make up for the shitness of it all I had a thai takeaway which I shared with Jamie. As per usual, I know feel far too full, fat and generally unwell. When will I learn?

Cobblers children and all that at the IEEE

From the IEEE document submission system:

1) For users of non-Windows-based systems: We have tested the online submission process and we find that, in most instances,  authors who use a Windows-based system do receive notification of successful paper transmissions. Your mileage with other systems may vary but please feel free to try.

I guess what they mean is:

1) We only tested this on my PC. It worked some of the time. If you're not using my PC, I don't know what will happen. I don't really get this whole 'web' thing. See ya.