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Windy day in suffolk

Our fourth day on holiday in suffolk. We went to Orford which has a cool castle keep that you can go around (for a small fortune). The castle is so well preserved that it feels cosy inside! You can see all the various rooms which were the bedrooms (King Henry II stayed in one), kitches, store rooms etc. It was slighltly frustrating as I had a sense of 'so near yet so far'. I was standing in the bedrooms and bathrooms of a medieval castle, looking through the windows that knights and kings had looked out of but I didn't feel much empathy. Maybe it was the eleven month old strapped to my back, the other vistors, our self-imposed pace or the spartanness of the rooms which made it difficult to imagine how it must have felt.

From the roof you can see Orford Ness. This is a spit which is several miles long between the tidal river and the sea. It has been there for millenia which suprised me as I always thought of such things, especially on such a dynamic coastline, as being transient. You could made out several odd looking concreate structures. These were the top secret test ranges for the UK atomic weapns programme. No nuclear material made it to these ranges, they used to to develop the bomb casing and detonation mechanims.

We had another excellent pub lunch before a brief walk in the very blustery wind. We then went to Thorpness to fly the kite on the beach but the wind was so strong by this point the kites line broke every time we launched it. After repairing it four or five times we gave up, had a look round the windmill and the house in the sky and went home.

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