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Hour long standoff with Edith

Argh! Edith climbed into Tom's travel cot just before lunch and emptied a box of beads into it. The kind of thing that Tom loves to put in his mouth. I told her she needed to clear up the beads before she got her lunch. 20 minutes later she was still refusing. The telly was off, there was nothing to do in the playpen, she just sat there. In the end I had to clear up the beads and multiple threats including toast of lunch and confiscation of her beloved Rolly Pony and 'new' doll's house. I followed through on my threats but she didnt seem bothered.
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Great race!

I did a half marathon for the first time this year, coming in at a respectable 1:41:24. Thats about the same as last year I think which is crazy considering how over weight I am and that last year I was training for a marathon. It is five minutes slower than by best time which was on the same course though.
It felt really good running in a race again. There were lots of long hill climbs and some epic (for me) battles. There's nothing like pushing your self up the hill and keeping pace with a fellow runner then managing to pull ahead of them and stay ahead. It was especially good a couple of times as my fellow competitors were making lots of noise and breathing very heavily whilst I was making minimal effort. Great stuff.
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Monkey World

We went to Monkey world on Saturday and met Debbie and Martin and their little girl there. We had a great time though the kids seemed to enjoy the excellent adventure play grounds more than the actual monkeys...

It was great to see Debs and Martin again before they leave for NZ. I cant believe its seventeen years since we first met. How the hell did that happen?
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