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My bike is screwed

The gears have been wrecked since I came off on the ice in December. And they are getting worse. The brakes are a shadow of their former selves and last Friday the rear break arm sheared off. I had to take it off completely and ride home in the dark in pouring rain with no rear brake. Not clever.

I am thinking of buying a new bike. Its not worth forking out for a Halfords one again. It degraded very quickly and their servicing is poor. The cheapest one from the bike shop is £300. I want to get it from a shop rather than online so that I can get it serviced regularly.

One the other hand, not cycling in has meant my legs dont feel as tired. Both nights this week I have run home from work in 38 minutes or less. That's three minutes faster than I have managed for the last couple of months.

Having said that, the bus is terrible. Four pounds for a service which leaves you standing around in the cold for at least 15 - 20 minutes at either end, is crowded, full of noisy teenagers and is often late or in the evening, non-existent.
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I am very tired. I am as close to the edge as I have been since Jamie was a baby. I have not slept through myself for several weeks now (since before xmas at least). Every night one or two children wake up or I wake up and cant get back to sleep in the bed. Then I end up on the sofa, which I used to think of as comfortable but now I hate. I have a crick in my neck which can be really painful from lying with my head wedged at an angle against the sofa arm.
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Best night's sleep

Well, I didn't get to bed that early (23:30) or manage to sleep thru (01:30 I woke up and went downstairs) but I did have the best nights sleep for a long time last night. The kids were all asleep from about 23:00 to 06:30 which is pretty good going. The real key was that I slept on Edith's old cot mattress rather than on the sofa after I retreated downstairs. It is too short for an adult as my lower legs were on the floor but its a damn sight better than that bloody sofa.

First long run goes pear shaped

Yesterday I did the first run over fifteen miles I have attempted since last April (wow, how did it get to be so long!!). I had done lots of child care (IMHO) on Saturday so Helen owed me the time to do a proper run on Sunday. She slept in so it was ten before she was up and I didn't get out until eleven. Three hours since I ate (can you guess what happens?). I had mapped out a new route which I have been piecing together for a few weeks now. According to my manual map wheel it was about 17 miles. Quite a distance, especially since I have been on a strict diet this week. Turns out I had measured wrong. It was twenty miles of hills, mud and cold wind. I did manage over 17 miles before having to run walk the last three. When I got back I was in a state. Helen was going mad, partly because I was an hour later than I should have been, partly because thats the natural state to be in after three and half hours with my kids on your own and partly because I had lots of chores to do which wont going to happen. I spent the rest of the day in that awful limbo of being so thirsty but puking heavily whenever I drank anything. I did manage to help Helen put a mattress in the back of the car (she had to get it out herself) but that triggered more vomiting.

Oh well! Not a bad tally for the week, forty miles run, over thirty cycled and six pounds lighter (on the day after puking)!
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