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Sleepless week

I am looking very old in the mirror. This is why.

It's Sunday morning and I am sitting in the front room watching rubbish Scooby Doo with the kids. Edith is sick and I am too tired to do anything else. Helen is asleep in bed. This week has been long. Everynight this week has been distrurbed in some way. I did all the feeds Friday night to try and give Helen a break. Then last night I did the 23:00 feed and then was supposed to get some sleep. Unfortunatly Edith had a temperature and I was up from 02:30 until 05:00ish looking after her. Jamie got up a few times to join in the fun. I was allowed to sleep in until 08:30. Given that I have been up with the kids every night this week, apart from Wednesday when I was in Helsinki, its no wonder the face looking out at me from the mirror has more wrinkles than an elephants bum.
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