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Princess and the pee

Edith has been dry at night pretty much ever since we got her potty trained but we have had her in pull up nappies in case of accidents. Everything was great until she discovered that she could wee in these and not get wet. Then, every night, she wees in her nappy. This week, being the most cunning daddy in the world, I bought some pampers Princess pants. They are bright pink and have pictures of Snow White and other assorted princesses. The big selling point is... the princesses disappear if you we on them. A great incentive for Edith not to wet herself.
Well I was right. Edith is now determined not to wee on the princesses. It has become a BIG THING. The joke is on me however. For the first three nights every couple of hours "Daddy daddy, I need to wee on the toilet". I have to get up, go into her room. Tell her to go to get out of bed. Tell her to go to the toilet. Then spend half an hour convincing her to go back to sleep. Sigh. Still, every morning the nappy is dry and the princesses are still in residence.
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Family photos

After a very busy four months where we have not been taking enough pictures and various computer problems have prevent easy upload, I have updated the photo album website. I am now using F-Spot to manage the originals and one of the nice features is a graph showing the number of pictures captured each month. You can spot the three months where we have had a new arrival in the family with ease. Other than that, there always seems to be a peak in the late summer, early autumn. Probably something to do with decent weather followed by the birthday season. Other than that the only trend seemed to be that we never take many pictures in January. Go figure.
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Sleepless week

I am looking very old in the mirror. This is why.

It's Sunday morning and I am sitting in the front room watching rubbish Scooby Doo with the kids. Edith is sick and I am too tired to do anything else. Helen is asleep in bed. This week has been long. Everynight this week has been distrurbed in some way. I did all the feeds Friday night to try and give Helen a break. Then last night I did the 23:00 feed and then was supposed to get some sleep. Unfortunatly Edith had a temperature and I was up from 02:30 until 05:00ish looking after her. Jamie got up a few times to join in the fun. I was allowed to sleep in until 08:30. Given that I have been up with the kids every night this week, apart from Wednesday when I was in Helsinki, its no wonder the face looking out at me from the mirror has more wrinkles than an elephants bum.
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There's always repeats at Christmas

Jamie came home from school this week all grumpy. Apparently they had lost out on the free play time because they had to talk about this year's xmas play. Helen asked him what was the play they were doing, Jamie responded with a big sigh:
"Humph, its that jesus one, the same as we did last year"